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Personal Services

We will help you to make the funeral arrangements and take care of all the necessary paperwork as well as liaising with doctors, hospitals, ministers and celebrants as appropriate. A wide range of options is available, to help you pay fitting tribute to your loved one. We can usually accommodate most requests, so if you have something specific in mind, please ask us.

Chapel of Rest

Our private chapel of rest is a peaceful, non-denominational space allowing you to spend time in the presence of your loved one in the days leading up to the funeral. Personal photographs and other memorabilia may be placed within the coffin with your loved one as a mark of respect, and also to help you feel more comfortable in the chapel. By appointment our chapel of rest is yours to visit as you wish until the day of the funeral.

Placing a small personal item with your loved one is a touching and personal act of love and respect, and represents a thoughtful final gesture. You can choose anything appropriate – it might be a piece of jewellery, letter, card, picture or favourite book. The material value of the item is less important than the sentiment behind it: this is a deeply meaningful act, and we would be glad to help you honour your loved one in this way.

The Provision of a Coffin

We have a wide choice of coffins available and we will discuss this with you in order to help you make a suitable choice. Should you or the deceased have specific thoughts or requests, we will be happy to honour these. Personalised coffins, such as those featuring specialised decorations or designs, can be arranged to give your loved one a truly unique final tribute.


Transport is a key consideration when making funeral arrangements. On request we can provide transport for visits to the funeral home, registrar and other essential locations. A hearse is provided as part of our service, but limousines which are chauffeur driven and can comfortably seat six or seven people are charged separately in case you do not need them.

We are in a unique position to offer a royal blue hearse and matching limousine and the traditional black hearse and limousine.


The role of pallbearers is a solemn responsibility at any funeral and can be provided on request. This can be a very important duty that family members may prefer to assume so we actively encourage relatives to act as bearers and instruction will be given.

Horse Drawn Funerals

A traditional horse drawn funeral carriage is an imposing and impressive way to pay your respects to a loved one. Plumed horses, feathers and Victorian livery make a deep impression on all attendees as well as showing reverence for the departed. The drapes and feathers can be decorated in a variety of colours and styles as a personal tribute, while the horses are highly trained and accompanied by skilled handlers so as to ensure a most dignified service for your loved one.

Religious Services

A religious funeral service allows you to pay tribute to your loved one in a manner befitting their religious beliefs. We can arrange for the funeral service to take place in a particular church with their own minister to take the funeral alternatively, we can ensure that an appropriate member of the clergy is involved. We will do everything we can to arrange a funeral that shows the utmost respect for the beliefs of the deceased.

Non-Religious Eulogy-Based Services

A funeral service centred on a eulogy is a deeply moving way to pay your final respects to a loved one. This type of service allows opportunity for reflection on the life of the deceased, as well as the experiences that made them so special to you. A eulogy-based service offers mourners a very individual outlet for their grief, and can be an important step in the process of letting go. We can offer advice on the best way to structure a eulogy-based funeral service please ask for more information if you are considering this option.

Private Chapel

Our Chapel has a bright modern look and is available for your own choice of service with a celebrant, minister or for family to lead the service. It has an audio visual system and flexible seating for up to 50 people. The chapel can be booked for as long as required and a service can be held at a time to suit you. A memorial service can be with the coffin and a closing curtain ceremony or can be a memorial service any time after cremation or burial. A service in our funeral facility can change the way a family can mark the passing of a loved one with a ceremony that is personal and friendly while remaining respectful in facilitating the final farewell.

Your loved one will stay in our care until the final service and private viewings can be arranged by appointment and can be in the daytime or in the evening up to 9 pm.

Order of Service

Orders of service guide mourners through the events of the funeral they can become a touching keepsake that evokes fond memories of the deceased whilst also serving a practical purpose. The order of service can feature information not directly related to the service itself, such a message from the family to attendees, or perhaps information about a reception afterwards. A photograph of your loved one can also be featured.


Most families believe that the funeral service should reflect the character of the deceased, and music is an ideal way to achieve this. As a powerful reminder of a person’s tastes, character and interests, a personal piece of music can be both poignant and uplifting, awakening memories in all attendees.

If you would like a particular piece to be played during the funeral we simply require the title and the name of the artist in order to provide the musical accompaniment that will become a fitting backdrop to the service.


Floral tributes are an important part of many funerals and can play a very personal role as a tribute to the deceased. On the day of the funeral, flowers may be sent directly to our premises, where they will be handled with the greatest care. Afterwards, at your request, we can take suitable flowers to a local hospital, hospice, nursing or residential home, or place them on a family grave. We are glad to work with your own florist or, if you would prefer, we can order flowers on your behalf. In this case the cost of the flowers will be added to the funeral account.

Charitable Donations

You may prefer that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to a charitable organisation of your choice perhaps one which meant something to the deceased. We will receive donations before passing them to you,

Arranging a Reception

After the funeral, a wake or reception provides a good opportunity for mourners to share memories of the deceased in less formal surroundings. Remembering your loved one in a relaxed environment can play an important part in the healing process. Should you wish to hold a reception, we can arrange a venue and catering on your behalf.


The scattering of ashes symbolises a final release and can be a turning point in the process of letting go. There are restrictions on where ashes may be scattered, but we will endeavour to honour all requests. Alternatively, the interment of ashes provides mourners with a focus for their grief and a specific spot to return to as they remember the deceased. We would be happy to discuss the many different options available.
There are many ways to create a unique and personal funeral for your loved one. If you have any specific requests in addition to the services outlined here, please do not hesitate to ask and we will be only too glad to help.


A national, military or political flag shows respect to the beliefs of the deceased and adds individuality to the funeral service. Please ask us and we will be glad to help with this request. The presence of standard bearers, or a bugler to sound the Last Post, can be a very emotional aspect of the funeral, but one which shows the utmost respect to the life of your loved one.

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It’s difficult to write a review about a sad event, the usual words don’t really work. Moss were a really lovely company to do business with at the most difficult time. Tom acted efficiently but sensitively, giving us a sense of reassurance that everything was being properly organised. Sheila acted as celebrant for my dad and created an amazingly personal and beautifully crafted ‘service’. After gentle discussion with the family, Sheila captured the essence of my dad’s life. People still comment that they were so touched by Sheila’s words and that it was just the ‘best’ funeral they’d ever attended. Not the right words I know.